Part of the work of the CPI is to see that the next church planters and those already working in the work can have mentors to support and guide them.


Ministery Orientation Workshop

This workshop is designed to help us identify potential church planters, and provides a means to oriente those church leaders who believe that God is calling them to plant a new church. It has become an excellent tool for our church planting movement.

This orientation workshop has helped us reduce church planting failures from 70% to 30%, a figure that is still decreasing.

We evaluate candidates for church planting (husband and wife) for four days by examining their back grounds using peer review, professional psychological assessments to gain insights into their personal and professional characteristics, and observing their capacity to preach, leadership and cooperation in group planning, and creativity. We conduct interviews to evaluate their past practice of establishing friendship with non-christians, as well as their conviction of a calling to begin a new church.

Pastor and church planter’s wives.

The Christian church in Mexico has traditionally neglected the important role wives play in their husband's ministries as church planters and pastors.

In our experience, we realize that a key element to the success of a church planter and pastor has to do with with both their and their wives understanding of her role in the family and ministry.

Many of our church plants have been affected by a faulty understanding of the couple about her role of a plantation project. Some wives become so involved in the ministry that they reach a breaking point and are burned out and depressed. Others can displace their husband’s role as the church planting leader, while others may become involved at all.



Counseling and gospel coaching

The CPI leadership is currently certified by Church Multiplication Ministries to provide gospel coaching for those church planters working directly with us in a church planting agreement. We are also beginning to train pastors and other leaders in this methodology so that they can coach.