Part of the work of the CPI is to see that the next church planters and those already working in the work can have mentors to support and guide them.


Ministerial Orientation Workshop

Orienting church planters and leaders before they begin a new church has become an excellent tool for our movement.

This orientation workshop has helped us reduce church planting failures from 70% to 30%, a figure that is still decreasing.

We evaluated candidates for church planting (husband and wife) for five days using preaching, evangelism, vision, and planning exercises. Additionally we use professional psychological assessments to see where they are regarding their character, attitudes and so on.

Wives of leaders

The Christian church in Mexico has traditionally neglected the important role wives play in their husband's ministries as church planters and pastors.

In our experience, we realized that a key element to the success of a church planter and pastor in their ministries has to do with the faithfulness, understanding, participation, and appropriate help of their wives.

Many of our church plantings have been affected by the understanding of the wives in their role of a plantation project. Some wives are so involved in ministry that they become tired and overwhelmed in a way that they enter into depression. Some others do not understand their role and become leaders of the church planting, displacing their own husband or not feeling understood by their husbands.




CPI is developing a special counseling program to equip Christians to use counseling in response to this and other needs of people seeking spiritual help and support.